The Meses mountains

The Meses Mountains are a group of mountains of the Apuseni Mountains, belonging to the chain of the Western Carpathians.The top Magura Priei is the highest mountain peak of Mesesului measuring 996 m. The hiking enthusiasts have at their disposal a map and three new tourist routes marked on mount Meses, near the city of Zalau

Park Forest Bradet

located on the edge of the inhabited area of the city Zalau, in the area of the output to Cluj Napoca, has been arranged in one of the traditional areas of ride of the inhabitants; the Park is set with playgrounds for children, some fitness equipment for adults, paths, lighting system and benches; improvement has been made in such a way that they do not affect the environment and the park has become very quickly one of the favorite places of locals, children and adults alike; it is easily accessible, being located on one side and the other of the European road E81, at approx. 500 m from the bus station in the district Bradet.

The Central Park of Zalau

can be found in the city of Zalau, occupying an area of 4.5 hectares; among its attractions are included a covered place where various events are being organized (from concerts to movie projections), the wall climbing for children and the chessboard with oversized parts; there are also a playground for children, a mini-skatepark, a beach volley court and the only forecourt for pets from Zalau; the park also has two areas with internet free of charge and paths for bicycles, used in full by children and adults too.

The Swimming Pool of Zalau

is located at the Zalau Sports Hall, where access is very easy (at a distance of max. 700m there are 4 bus stations, 2 on the same side); the swimming pool offers 3 pools, one is 2 m deep, one is 1.5 m, and the third with a depth of 1 m; there is also a pool for children, whose depth does not get over 70 cm. The swimming pool also disposes of places for sun-bathing and chaises-longues; since the pools are not covered, the swimming pool is open in the warm season too.

Covered swimming pools

two hotels in Zalau or located in the immediate vicinity provide access to their own swimming pools to those who check in at the hotels or, for a fee, to other persons; this is the Grand Hotel Severus, which has an indoor swimming pool, and "Popasul Romanilor" , hotel located at the administrative limit of Zalau on the European road E81 on the output to Cluj Napoca, where we can find an outdoor swimming pool.

The sports center of Zalau

the Zalau City stadium
can be found in the district. Stadium (15 minutes of walking from the city centre, 100 m from the bus station Unicarm Gh. Doja); access for those who want to run on the stadium's track is free of charge and allowed daily before sunset, except hours of official competitions;
the tennis courts of the city
can be found next to the Sports Hall, on the “M. Viteazul” boulevard and access is very easy. There are 7 tennis courts, out of which 2 are land covered; Access shall be made on a subscription system or by paying an hourly rate, which varies for the uncovered court from 25 lei/ hour during the day to 40 lei/ hour in the period of use of the nocturnal, and for the covered court the fare varies between 30 lei and 55 lei, according to cold weather or warm and day period; to check availability of tennis courts the persons interested shall call one of the following numbers: 0726 534775, 0754 347065, 0742 296252

Private sports courses , sports halls, others

for those who want to practice sports or other activities, the offer of the private market of Zalau city goes from synthetic field for football (uncovered or covered), fitness halls, marathon aerobics, spining, bodybuilding, but also rooms of billiards and bowling


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