More than 5.000 plant species coming from different geographical areas of the world, an attraction for visitors

Made up of three peasant households three hundred years old and thousands of exhibits gathered from the old people on the Barcău Valley, this picturesque village museum transports tourists in the atmosphere of the XVIIIth-XIXth centuries

The synagogue was built in 1883 and transformed into the first Holocaust Memorial in Romania.

The Roman camp of Porolissum lies on the administrative territory of Moigrad, Mirşid commune, and of Brebi and Jac, Creaca commune, Sălaj County.

We invite you to discover the beauty and richness of Romanian traditions and the spirit of the place in the Traditional Art Museum of Ileana Graţiana Pop
The "Dragons’ Garden" is a protected natural reserve, from a geological and landscape point of view, stretching on almost three hectares, unique in the world and impressive through its aspect and the complexity of the rocks.
National natural reserve, with an area of 1, 5 ha in the area of the Jernău spring, in the Almaş-Agrij Depression, Sălaj County
Inaugurated on the 22nd of November 1998, the Sincai – Coposu Cultural Center of Bobota reunites the image of a museum dedicated to the two political and historical personalities as well as the legacy that they left
The Rona Limestone is a natural reserve (natural monument) from a geological and landscape point of view, situated in the Sălaj County, on the administrative territory of Jibou.
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